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Welcome and Introduction

Präs. und Prof. Stefan Strick
President of the Federal Highway Research Institute

Dr.-Ing. H. Michael Bröhl
Road and Transportation Research Association

MDir. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Josef Kunz
Director-General Road Construction
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban

Alex Kidd
Secretary of TC D.4 "Geotechnics and Unpaved Roads"
of the World Road Association (PIARC)

9:30 – 9:50    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Vogt
Technische Universität München,
Zentrum Geotechnik


Optimum Use of Materials
Chairman: A. Kidd

Technical and Economical Concepts for the Use of Non Durable Construction Materials in Earthworks
T. Baumgärtel (Germany); D. Heyer (Germany)

n Situ Characterization of Self-Cementing Properties of Recycled Materials
A. Marradi (Italy) ; C. Sangiorgi (Italy); U. Pinori (Italy) ; G. Betti (Italy)

The Use of Local Flysch Material in the Construction of Highway Embankments
E. Sakoumpenta (Greece) ; E. Petaloti (Greece); A. Mouratidis (Greece)


Coffee Break
11:30  Standardisation and Special Aspects
Chairman: S. Zirngibl

A Comparative Analysis of European Standards for Earthworks
J. J. Álvarez González (Spain) ; C. L. Buendía (Spain)
J. Santamaría Arias (Spain)

Activity  Report of CEN/TC 396 “Earthworks”

G. Raoul (France), J.-P. Magnan (France)

An Approach to Earthworks Compaction Criteria for Soils in a Dry State
C. L. Buendía (Spain); J. J. Alvarez Gonzalez (Spain)
J. Santamaría Arias (Spain)
Transition Zone Fill - Structure. Problems and Approaches to Solution
V. Herle (Czech)  




Quality Control
Chairman: D. Adam

Roller-Integrated Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) Systems - Measurement Principle and Applications -
H.-J. Kloubert (Germany); W. Wallrath (Germany)

Geostatistical Analysis in Continuous Compaction Control
C. Lantieri (Italy); C. Sangiorgi (Italy); A. Marradi (Italy); R. Bruno (Italy)

A CCC Experimental Site for Studying the Compaction Evolution of C&D Materials
C. Sangiorgi (Italy); A. Marradi (Italy); H.-J. Kloubert (Germany);
W. Wallrath (Germany)

New Results of Measurements for the Density Measuring Device with Laser-Technology
W. Kudla (Germany); S. Szczyrba (Germany) 


Coffee Break

16:30  Selected Projects
Chairman: A. Gomes Correia

Landslide Remediation on the Main Road I/35 by the Tunnel Hřebeč and its Complex Monitoring
L. Bohátková (Czech)

Highway A89: The Last Stretch to Lyon - Complex Earthworks through the Mountains "Monts du Lyonnais"
A. Gagey (France); S. Bernhard (France)

BAB A8 Bernau: Application of Granulated Foamglas as a Changeover Between a Deep Foundation and a High Dam with a Large Potential of Settlement
G. Gold (Germany); M. Dietrich (Germany)

Enabling Earthworks for a Large Site on a Hillside Covered with Blanket Bog
P. Quigley (Ireland); J. O'Brien (Ireland)
18:00 End of Day 

Evening Event

Dinner at Adagio
Adagio combines diverse styles of past epochs into a harmonic blend.
The details have been arranged in perfect harmony.
Get surprised and enjoy an exceptional evening you will never forget.

Accompanying persons are invited.

Adagio Berlin
Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1
D-10785 Berlin-Mitte



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