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FoSt is a bibliographic database containing information on numerous research projects in the roads sector. It contains information on ongoing and completed research projects, including abstracts, the names of the people/organisations involved, clients, research institutes, as well as information on publications.

The subject area classification is the same as for the Road documentation database "Dokumentation Straße".


Period covered:since 1985
Sources:Research reports generally taken from the joint research programme run by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), research work commissioned and outsourced by the BMVI to inform its work in its departments (Ressortforschung), the Urban transport research programme run by the BMVI, and research work in research programmes in which the FGSV is not directly involved (e.g. BASt, AiF).
Access: online access via FGSV Verlag

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Update: 05/06/2019