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Information and documentation centre

The FGSV's Information and Documentation Unit (known as the IuD unit) provides FGSV members and interested parties alike with high-quality information relating to the field of roads and transportation.

The IuD unit is responsible for the upkeep of both the "Dokumentation Straße" ("Road Documentation", DOK) database and the "Forschung im Straßenwesen" ("Research in the Roads Sector", FoSt) database. It also works in co-operation with over 29 institutes and organisations across 24 countries on the OECD's International Transport Research Documentation database.

In addition, it provides comprehensive services such as information searches.

The IuD unit at the FGSV is a partner of the Informations- und Dokumentationsverbund Verkehr ("Transport Information and Documentation Alliance", IuDVV).
For an overview of all partners in the alliance, please consult the IuDVV website (www.iudvv.de) or the IuDVV flyer.

Update: 25/02/2019