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Information on the designation and categorisation of FGSV's technical publications

The Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) divides technical publications prepared by its commissions and working groups into four categories of differing significance. These four categories are: R 1, R 2, W 1, and W 2. The relevant category is always printed on the cover of the publication. The meaning of the letters R and W in this context are explained below.


R stands for regulations:

These publications either specify the technical design or realization (R1) or
give recommendations on the technical design or realization (R2).

W stands for information documents:

These publications represent the current state-of-the-art knowledge and
define how a technical issue shall be practicably dealt with or has already
been successfully dealt with.

Category R 1 indicates 1st category regulations:
R1-publications contain the contractual basis (Additional Technical
Conditions of Contract and Directives, Technical Conditions of Delivery
and Technical Test Specifications) as well as guidelines. They are always
coordinated within the FGSV. R1-publications - in particular if agreed on
as integral part of the contract - have a high binding force.

Category R2 indicates 2nd category regulations:
R2-publications contain information sheets and recommendations. They
are always coordinated within the FGSV. Their application as state-of-theart
technology is recommended by the FGSV.

Category W1 indicates 1st category documents of knowledge:
W1-publications contain references. They are always coordinated within
the FGSV but not with external parties. They represent current state-ofthe-
art knowledge within the respective responsible boards of the FGSV.

Category W2 indicates 2nd category documents of knowledge:
W2-publications contain working papers. These may include preliminary
results, supplementary information and guidance. They are not
coordinated within the FGSV and represent the conception of an individual
board of the FGSV.

Update: 21/06/2018