Experience with significant incidents in road tunnels (2016)
Sustainability and climate change considerations in winter operations (2016)

Evolution of the mission and structure of transport administrations (2016)
Good governance and anti-corruption measures (2016)
Road tunnels: complex underground road networks (2016)
Human factors guidelines for a safer man-road interface (2016)
Cooperative Vehicle Highway Systems (2016)
Crisis management of unusually severe and/or sustained snow events (2016)
Expected service life of wearing courses (2016)
Lay bys and protection against lateral obstacles - Current practices in Europe (2016)
Methodologies and tools for risk assessment and management applied to road operations (2016)
Moving freight transport forward - Green, smart and efficient (2016)
Promotion of sustainable maintenance of rural roads system (2016)
Road network management for improved mobility (2016)
Role of risk-assessment in policy development and decision-making (2016)
State of the art in monitoring road condition and road/vehicle interaction (2016)
Uses of ITS including consideration of planning for future improvements, upgrades and the economy (2016)
Preserve your Country's roads to Drive Development (2016)
Assessment of budgetary needs and optimisation of maintenance strategies for multiple assets of road network (2016)
Risk-based management of the bridge stock (2016)
Fixed fire fighting systems in road tunnels: Current practices and recommendations (2016)
Improving safety in road tunnels through real-time communication with users (2016)
Best practice for life cycle analysis for tunnel equipment (2016)
Estimation of load carrying capacity of bridges based on damage and deficiency (2016)


Increase the durability and lifetime of existing bridges (2012)
Prioritisation of bridge rehabilitation works (2012)

A study of winter service management systems and road user information (2012)
Comparison of national road safety policies and plans (2012)
Road safety inspection guideline for safety checks of existing roads (2012)
Strategies for road networks operation (2012)
Guide to implement freight vehicle transport management (2012)
Improvements in safe working on roads (2012)
Public sector governance over urban freight transport (2012)
Best practices for road safety campaigns (2012)
High level management indicators (2012)
State of the practice for cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis and resource allocation (2012)
Best practice for road tunnel emergency exercices (2012)
Allocation resources across asset classes (2012)
Approaches to evaluation of social impact of road projects (2012)
Assessing and improving safety in existing road tunnels (2012)
Managing risk in road organization (2012)
Institutional integrity - Toolkit (2012)
Life cycle aspects of electrical road tunnel equipment (2012)
Recommendations on management of maintenance and technical inspection of road tunnels (2012)
Best practices of good governance - Institutional integrity (2012)
Vulnerability of geotechnical infrastructure to climate change and adjustment measures according to the geographical context (2012)
Dealing with the effects of climate change on road pavements (2012)
Financing, contracting and managing of road system investment (2012)
Evaluating the performance of automated pavement cracking measurement equipment (2012)
Human resources for the future (2012)
The connected vehicle (2012)
Monitoring of environmental impacts of roads (2012)
Road tunnels: vehicle emissions and air demand for ventilation (2012)
Improved services for customers (2012)
Taking advantage of intelligent transport systems to improve road safety (2012)
Worldwide situation of road pricing and assessment of its impacts (2012)
Accréditation des inspecteurs, essais non destructifs et évaluation de l'état des ponts (2012)
Management of bridge stock (2012)

PIARC publications from 2012 - 2015 work cycle

The reports of the 2012-2015 work cycle of the World Road Association (PIARC) are now available in one or more of the three working languages of the Association which are French, English and Spanish.

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An online version of the magazine Routes/Roads is available in the virtual library on the website of the World Road Association.

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