The FGSV portal is the online platform for FGSV members and members of its working groups and various bodies.


This is where members of the FGSV find information relating to their membership, news about the latest regulations, standards, and specifications, and details of research projects. All documents relating to membership that are sent to members by post, such as the latest directory of members and information about upcoming FGSV events and publications, can also be found on the FGSV portal.


Note for FGSV working groups, commissions, and other bodies:

A dedicated website has been set up for the FGSV's various bodies. This website offers a wide variety of useful functions, e.g. document management, scheduling tools, task management, and a discussion forum. Documents relating to meetings (invitations, minutes, etc.) are made available exclusively via the FGSV portal.

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Update: 13/08/2019