During the ISEHP 2016 Symposium dinner, some prizes have been awarded, including the "Best Paper Award", two "Excellent Paper Awards" and the "Best Country Report Award". The awardees are:  

Best Paper Award

Poul Greibe and Thomas Skallebæk Buch "Capacity and Behaviour on One-way Cycle Tracks of Different Widths"  

Excellent Paper Awards

Martin Hartmann and Peter Vortisch "A rationale for enhancing the German Highway Capacity Manual to incorporate oversaturated freeway facility Analysis" Richard Dowling, Brandon Nevers, Anxi Jia, Alexander Skabardonis, Cory Krause, Meenakshy Vasudevan "Performance Benefits of Connected Vehicles for Implementing Speed Harmonization"  

Best Country Report Award

Henk Heikoop and Niels Henkens "Recent developments and history of the Dutch HCM"

Special Award

In the course of the event, Prof Werner Brilon was also presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award of the TRB Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Committee. This award was given to him in recognition of his papers and the consistently outstanding quality of his scientific work over the course of several decades.

Update: 25/10/2018