FGSV's committees, working groups and other bodies

The various bodies of the FGSV are responsible for drafting and up-dating technical standards and specifications in the fields of road construction, traffic engineering and traffic planning.

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FGSV Bodies
Assembly of Members

Board of Directors / Executive Office

Co-ordination Commission Traffic

Co-ordination Commission Construction

Commission 1: Quality Management (inactive)

Commission 2: Municipal Roads

Commission 4: Urban Traffic Research Programme

Commission 5: Freight Transport


FGSV Technical Committees
Working Group 1: Transportation Planning

Working Group 2: Highway Design

Working Group 3: Traffic Management

Working Group 4: Infrastructure Management

Working Group 5: Earthworks and Foundation

Working Group 6: Aggregates, Unbound Pavements

Working Group 7: Asphalt Pavements

Working Group 8: Concrete Pavements

Cross-section Committees

Commitment to the mobility of tomorrow

The committees form the centrepiece of the FGSV's work. This is where our volunteer committee members discuss, conceptualise and define current interdisciplinary tasks and issues in the fields of road construction and transport planning. Their results are incorporated into the technical standards published by the FGSV and thus provide certainty for the planning and implementation of efficient transport systems for the mobility of tomorrow. The latest research and practical expertise are taken into account.

Independent and transparent

All FGSV committees are made up of equal numbers of representatives from science, industry, administration and engineering firms. This means that we act neutrally and impartially in our joint network. Our committee members are only committed to the facts and the common goal. Every result of the committee's work can be transparently traced and justified. The cascade system in which we have organised our committees guarantees an elevated level of transparency. Quality and reliability of the results, which are also recognised and used internationally.

Join us in working on the future of mobility!

If you are interested in contributing your expertise to our committee's work, please send us a short message. We will get back to you and discuss the details.

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