Technical standards

The FGSV draws up and publishes the interdisciplinary harmonised technical standards for the entire road and traffic sector in Germany and is constantly developing them further.

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R stands for standards

Such publications regulate either how technical matters are planned or realised, or must or should be implemented (R 1), or recommend how these should be planned or realised (R 2).


Category R 1 refers to standards of the 1st category

R 1 publications include contractual bases (ZTV - Additional Technical contract conditions and guidelines, TL - technical delivery conditions and TP - technical test specifications) and guidelines. They are always harmonised within the FGSV. They are highly binding, especially if they are to be agreed as part of a contract.

Category R 2 refers to standards of the 2nd category

R 2 publications include information sheets and recommendations. They are always harmonised within the FGSV. The FGSV recommends their application as state of the art.

W stands for knowledge documents

Such publications show the current state of knowledge and explain how a technical issue can be treated appropriately or has already been treated successfully.


Category W 1 refers to knowledge documents of the 1st category.

W 1 publications include notes. They are always harmonised within the FGSV, but not with external parties.
They reflect the current state of knowledge within the responsible FGSV committees. 

Category W 2 refers to knowledge documents of the 2nd category.

W 2 publications comprise working papers. These can be interim statuses in the development of further activities or information and working aids. They are not harmonised within the FGSV; they reflect the opinion of a single FGSV committee.